Form and Function Series

The primary aim of these courses is to address the significant regional variations that exist in training opportunities in microvascular surgery, perforator dissection and free flap insetting for surgeons in training.

The courses have been developed for the purposes of improving training methods for established consultants, as well as exposure to new methods in perforator dissection and reconstruction and to introduce the principles of chimerism for personalised approaches in reconstruction.

The course material was compiled by practising oncological surgeons with a broad cross-speciality and multidisciplinary approach bridging the interface between maxillofacial,  ENT and plastic surgeons in head and neck procedures.

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Form and Function Series

Form and Function 1

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The East Grinstead Cadaveric Perforator, Advanced Microvascular and Virtual Surgical Preplanning Course

” Thank you very much for organising what I consider to be an excellent course on perforator dissection. I had a very enjoyable time and took away a lot of useful information. I found it very helpful both for picking up tips on how to make my own ALT flap raising more efficient but also as a very thorough introduction to the MSAP flap…….I have already recommended you to my colleagues and trainees.” Andrew Camilleri | Senior Consultant Luton and Dunstable

Form and Function 2

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Ablative and Free Flap Insetting – Perspectives for Head and Neck

There are limited exposures for trainees to perform the ablative procedures, and both the management and decision making can be challenging in their own right. To address this the East Grinstead H&N Research Group have developed a multidisciplinary course at a low registration fee per candidate, places are available on a first come basis.

Form and Function 3

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Oral Rehabilitation with Dental Implants for the Oncological Patient

Form and Function 4

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The A to Z of dental implants for maxillofacial surgeons and general dental practitioners

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